So what is the business book group all about?


We are a bunch of mostly business professionals, coaches, trainers and consultants who enjoy the stimulation and fellowship of reading business books together.


We meet virtually once a month on a Tuesday evening (usually the second Tuesday in the month) via zoom from 1930 - 2030.  Feel free to join with a cup of tea or glass of wine whichever is your preference.  


We don’t worry if you haven’t finished the book- still join the gathering.


We don’t worry if you haven’t started the book - still join us.


We don’t mind if you miss a few books/gatherings as we know life gets in the way sometimes and a recording is usually available if you want to catch up whilst soaking in the bath.  (If I remember to press the record button of course!)


If whilst you’re reading the book you jot down a few ‘gold nuggets’ that you would like to send to me a day or so before then I can share them on screen to prompt discussion if needs be.  If you don’t fancy doing that then just speak up when we are together.  We’ve found sharing our three main learnings/gold nuggets seems to work - but really, anything goes.


The BBG is free and open to all but it is appreciated if you purchase books using the amazon link on the website.  This brings a little reward which I can put towards the cost of the zoom license etc.  It’s not much but it all helps.


If you have books on your list of ‘must reads’ that you would like to suggest then please let me know.  We are pretty democratic about what to read next.  However if there is any doubt then I just decide and we go from there.

Welcome to the group and to many happy and stimulating hours of reading books together!