KmG Management

Hello I am Kath and I am KmG Management Limited and have been since 2006.

This is me in some of my many guises.  My history is long and boring and I would much rather talk to you about how I can help than give you lots to read here.

My focus is and always has been about using the best in you to achieve the best for your business.

As a snippet to whet your appetite before we connect –

  • Success in a large utility as a commercial manager and catalyst for change.

  • Children brought a change of direction – academic life in the Open University Business School was interesting but frustrating.

  • The Cheese Gig – an early .com selling artisan made West Country cheese – best thing I’ve ever done!

  • Executive coaching and subsequently an intuitive coach

  • Development of the BEE group concept (ask me more)

  • Supported new strategic, marketing and expansion plans for IKEA

  • Chaired the Quality and Curriculum committee as a Board Member for Somerset College and Employment and Skills Board for Somerset

  • Chair of The Aldanita Foundation – a not for profit organisation intent on empowering women through the creative arts

  • Founder of the Business Book Group

  • Executive coach, appraiser of complex ESF projects, treasurer of a local charity and generally enjoying life immensely.

I am multi-skilled and happy to help and support where I can add value.  Call me if you would like to talk about opportunities to work together.  07535521115 or