• Kath Gigg

Ant or Elephant?

We all thought The Ant and the Elephant by Vince Poscente was a sweet little book although one member listened to the audio version and became very confused by 'a deer' - which sounds the same as the name of the ant 'Adir'!

We spent time talking through the 5 'C's and whilst the clarity is useful we found the guidance rather simplistic and facile.

Clarifying your vision is ok and the connection to emotion needs a bit more understanding.

Commitment - get that - but positive dominant thoughts sounds like quite hard work when if you accept who and what you are this comes a lot more easily.

Consistency - yes, but don't focus just on performance. The holistic approach to work and life reaps much greater bounty.

Strengthen confidence. Of course and patterns of negativity can be very unhelpful - but there is more to it than that.

Control the response to circumstances. For us this is a recipe for disaster as we naturally considered things that might go wrong. I'd rather be told to follow your instinct and go for it!

So, it was quick and easy to read but we felt it was a little old fashioned given what we know now about how the mind works!

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The CEO Next Door: The 4 Behaviours that Transform Ordinary People into World Class Leaders.

This book was selected as it was the winner of the Chartered Management Institute Management Book of the Year award.

I hope you enjoy it and look forward to joining with you to discuss it on Tuesday 12th November at 1930.

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