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Autumn Reads revealed......

September is always a good time to review how things are going and I have done just that.

I have realised that I am reading books that other people have voted for and then don't read!

That's a bit frustrating as I don't always want to read them.

So, I've decided to try an experiment. Here goes!

I have chosen the next three books which will take us until Christmas. Yes, I have had some input from some friends but will not be running a doodle poll this time.

The book for Sept/Oct is

The Ant and the Elephant by Vince Poscente

which I have deliberately chosen as a light fun read.

Click the image to discover more.

We will gather to discuss this book on Tuesday October 15th at 1930.

During Oct/Nov we will read ....

The CEO Next Door by Elena Botelho, Kim Powell, et al.

I chose this book as it was declared the Management Book of the Year 2019 by the Chartered Management Institute.

I wonder if we will agree with their judgement .. ..

Find out when we discuss this book on Tuesday November 12th at 1930.

My final selection this time will take us a couple of months to read running from the middle of November to the middle of January.

This book was recommended by a dear friend some years ago and I only dipped into it recently. It is a seminal work on how business can work in a different, more holistic and fulfilling way. I cannot wait to discuss some of the concepts and ideas with you all.

The first discussion is planned for Tuesday December 10th and the final reckoning will be on Tuesday January 14th.

So, get the dates in the diary. Click on the links to discover more about the books and to place your orders.

I hope you enjoy my selection and talking about them together.

How about taking the reins in 2020 and suggesting three of your own must reads to share... just a thought!

Have fun and enjoy reading!

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