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Build It – The Rebel Playbook for World Class Employee Engagement

Updated: Nov 10, 2018

We liked it. ‘Build It’ explores a refreshing approach to employee engagement.

Most noteworthy all the elements of employee engagement are included in ‘The Engagement Bridge’ which is a great model. It connects them all in a very practical, workable and visual way. Chapter by chapter each element is explained and explored.

‘Build It’ is very readable, in part because it includes some great case studies from global companies big and small. The strong statement that employee engagement is measured by business results not some random engagement index was a particular delight to readers from a commercial background. At last!

So why is it billed as rebellious?

Largely because it advocates a different, more pragmatic and grounded approach to employee engagement. Consequently there are no new elements of employee engagement per se. Rather action is encouraged based on an enlightened and honest perspective. Don’t wait to get it all right – act. Do something. Do what you think is right for your situation. Think about it. Treat your employees like human beings rather than adversaries. Yes, I did say the book challenges perspectives. That is why we all found it so refreshing – and inspiring.

Insight is shared through use of ‘plays’ or case studies which are at the same time succinct but detailed enough to be useful. Companies from many different markets are included. The introduction of ‘pawternity’ leave by Brewdog was our favourite. Read about it on page 193 which also reminds me that the index is brilliant too.

The structure of the book is great which consequently makes it easy to read and absorb. A succinct summary of objectives and key points starts each chapter.  As a result the mind is focused for the read to come. Readability of the text is enhanced by careful use of lists, bullet points, more boxes, ‘practice it’ pointers and case studies or ‘plays.

The book is great to share with colleagues in any function. It can help create a new understanding and way of approaching real employee engagement.

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