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Christmas is coming......


..... and it is time for a little pause and a chance to review what is working well for the Business Book Group and some things we'd like to do differently.

Soo, I would like to suggest a little light reading for the Christmas season.

Many of you know I have been involved with First Women for a number of years. A friend has created a fantastic photographic collection of UK women who were the 'first' to do something. Dame Stephanie Shirley was one of those 'First Women' and 'Let It Go' is her memoirs - from refugee to entrepreneur to philanthropist. Her TED talk is also very well reviewed 'Why do ambitious women have flat heads'.

and this is the link to the TED talk


(if it doesn't work try copy and paste).

It would be great if you ordered by clicking this picture link.

We won't formally come together to discuss the book but please drop me your thoughts which I can share in a blog post.

Two books to add to your Christmas list which will be featured in the Business Book Group early in 2020.

1. The Pressure Principle by David Alred.

This has been suggested by a friend who is enjoying working as a coach to an Olympic sports team - now that is pressure!

How about we start reading this as soon as we have recovered from Christmas lunch and we gather to review it in February - Tuesday Feb 11th at 1930 to be exact.

2. The second is a book which has been on my list of 'must reads' for some years now. It explores how we can use a holistic approach (rather than just a profit focus) in business. It is not a new book but a seminal work in this field.

I propose we take our time with this one and read it over two months. In March we can share thoughts and progress by email before gathering in April to discuss it. Current plan is to meet on Tuesday 14th April which is the day after Easter Monday. Subject to confirmation in due course.

Happy reading

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