• Kath Gigg

Make Time To Think

Our zoom meeting this month will focus on Time to Think by Nancy Kline. It’s a book which is full of practical situations, lots of examples and transcripts of real-live conversations.

I suggest to Book Group members that as they read they filter for the three (say) biggest points that resonate with them. It helps to focus us as we read and also gives a really useful way of sharing as we can compare and contrast our perspectives.

Sarah has just shared her 3 ‘gold nuggets’ which immediately inspired me to think too – that’s what it is all about!

She highlighted the following powerful quote from pg 27 “we can provide a thinking environment for each other anywhere at any time but first we have to be willing to think for ourselves”.

Now, there’s a thought!

All are welcome to join us tomorrow night, even if you have yet to read the book – get in touch kath@kmgmanagement.com

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