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Enabling genius review

Enabling Genius

Lots of us joined in the discussion this evening which was a delight in itself.

Myles’ book was indeed thought provoking. Most felt that it was a useful collection of the latest thinking in this area. That was useful in itself even though there was not a lot that was new.

Some found aspects of the models helpful, others a bit confusing. Some spent ages looking for the columns in the ‘Pillars’ model only to realise they were shown as circles.

Many struggled with leaving behind the commonly understood definition of genius; some inserted their own interpretation –‘growth mind-set’ for example; some felt the word itself was playing with semantics and we should rise above that to see the intention of the book.

If the intention was to sift our thoughts on what genius could be it was to some degree successful.

As one reader put it ‘It is a paradigm shift; once we realise that we all have the source of genius within us everything changes.’

That summed it up very nicely.

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