• Kath Gigg

Time To Think Review

All in all we all enjoyed the book and found it insightful and of value. For most it was the first time of reading even though we discovered it was first published in 1999 – how time flies! One of our number had read it a few years ago and reflected that it seemed a bit repetitive – perhaps because she had internalised the message so deeply.

For some it seemed to try too hard – to not harness the innate power of thought – as Pooh would say – ‘too much in the Knowledge and Cleverness and not enough of the wisdom and Intuition.’ Although it must be acknowledged that the structure is aimed at accessing just that.

Many of us had applied the approach with mixed results – use of the word ‘assumptions’ gave surprisingly varied results – proof that we need to use language that suits the receiver – another lesson relearned!

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