• Kath Gigg

Happy new year with lots of new reads too I trusT

Let’s get started and challenge our thinking with Myles book ready for our gathering on Tuesday February 5th.

You will be pleased to hear that I have started ‘Enabling Genius’ whilst overlooking Auckland Harbour as the sun set - and it is making me think.

The book is divided in two parts and is clearly a collaborative endeavour.

Part one looks at what enabling genius means and proposes a new meaning for genius.

I must confess to thinking that it is the use of the word which causes confusion as to me ‘genius’ is by definition something which we don’t all have - but that’s the whole point I guess!

There are 5 propositions and 4 pillars of genius.

I can hear some of you saying ‘Oh no, not another model!’

Well, yes but I think it’s worth reading on and I know some of you will be drawn to part two which offers in-depth and broader articles and papers.

There are a number about ‘flow’ - trying to capture and explain the inexplicable perhaps!

I look forward to getting that far.

With this book in particular please do jot down your thoughts and reactions. Questions are also encouraged as we hope to be joined by Myles himself.

Happy reading!

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