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Having been inspired by Simon Sinek....

We decided to take a title from his 'worthy champion'. That is from an author who Simon initially felt to be in competition with - who he felt a bit in awe of perhaps, someone to fear.

After sharing a platform with Adam Grant it became apparent that Adam felt much the same about Simon.

They have become great friends and learn from each other by sharing and examining complimentary skills.

By changing their mind set from seeing each other as someone to beat to someone to learn from their worlds became much richer.

So, we will be reading a book by the aforementioned Adam Grant. We have chosen 'Originals' so please click the link to buy it from Amazon with a teeny kick back to us!

I notice that Adam and his wife also write children's books - interesting!

Our next gathering is a little delayed for all sorts of very worthy reasons and is now planned for Tuesday December 3rd at 1930.

That gives us all plenty of time to read this delightful little book. BUT don't delay - buy it now!!

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