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It was a delight to connect with some Business Book Group members during theses strange times. I think we have all found we have more time to read and the business books are coming into their own. That's great!

It was even more delightful to discuss 'Why do so many Incompetent Men Become Leaders?' by Tomas Chammorro-Premuzic.

I think it is fair to say that some of us were put off by the title, suspecting another dollop of man bashing. We were very pleasantly surprised because that it was certainly not.

It laid out solid research to show why the criteria so often used to select and develop leaders and managers are the opposite of the skills and qualities needed by the leaders of today - and even more of tomorrow.

Despite solid evidence of what makes a good leader this has not yet seeped in HR understanding who perpetuate selection of poor leaders and fail to realise and thus develop the skills needed.

We found ourselves analysing the political leaders against some of the criteria suggested. Interesting but not an uplifting exercise.

The book is engaging, easy to read with great clarity about what is needed in our leaders of tomorrow.

It will be interesting to see how it connects with our next book 'Entrusted' by Ong Boon Hwee and Mark Goyder.

You can buy it by clicking this link which will take you to Entrusted.

We will gather on Tuesday May 12th at 1930 by zoom -link to follow nearer the time.

Do feel free to invite friends and colleagues to join us and enjoy coming together with a purpose whilst we are locked down.

Stay well and happy reading!

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