• Kath Gigg

Is 'love' a good word to use in an organisation?

Well, who'd have thought we'd end up having a conversation about love when discussing the last few chapters of Jim Collins book 'Good to Great'! We did!

How did that happen?

It came at the end of a very stimulating discussion focused around chapters 6-9.

We analysed some of the political events that are happening around us using the various facets suggested in the book. How does Trump measure up against the hedgehog concept? You'll have to listen to the recording to hear what we thought. (Just sign up and request it - it's easy!)

That is only one thing though - how about confronting the brutal facts and of course, getting the right people in the right places? All interesting and thought provoking stuff.

This book has stood the test of time and we can understand why. It is particularly refreshing to see it from a CEO perspective and to see the things they didn't do as well as did do - sticking to their core purpose with relentless clarity and dedication.

We reflected that consistency and humanity shine through in the great CEO's and their companies. Some call it 'love', some prefer a different term but we all agreed it was pretty special!

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