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Lessons from a Cornish Literary Festival

Updated: Nov 2, 2018

One of the highlights of my year is the Port Eliot Literary Festival held at the end of July at the beautiful estate at St Germains near Saltash in Cornwall.

It is not like any other literary festival I know. It is run like a music festival; indeed there is music, fashion, children’s stuff, workshops, poetry, foodie bits and pieces on offer too, once you are in everything is free and open to anyone who turns up.

The programme is an achievement in itself – starting on Thursday and running through to Sunday evening there are perhaps ten different venues offering inspiration and entertainment at any one time. It is amazing and inspiration pops up in the most unexpected places.

For me, it is like entering another world. These people live their life through books – there is no such thing as a book left on the shelf. Titles flow from their tongues with ease and enthusiasm. Or maybe they just speak with confidence and ease and I am fooled because I feel far less well read – which is undoubtedly true. Hey ho! – It is still the best place to be for the last weekend in July- whatever the weather.

I couldn’t help chuckle and think of the business book club at the ‘Unbound’ podcast on Friday which featured ‘how to talk about books you haven’t read’. One of the four panel members hadn’t read the book they discussed for an hour – it was hard to tell but I did guess correctly!

What did I take away from the discussion which will help business book group collaborators who may not always have read the book?

1. Be confident 2. Listen well 3. Read reviews and the blurb on Amazon/inside cover 4. As long as you are interested anything goes!

More from my festival experience in the weeks to come but…… don’t hold back, just join us for the next discussion on Tuesday August 21st at 1930.

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