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Ok, I know – don’t say it. BBG is about reading books not writing them …. BUT… I happen to know a fair few of us haven’t quite had the courage to ‘come out’ as far as book writing goes.

So, let me be the first!

I am writing a most surprising book – a children’s picture book centred on Cornish Pilot gig rowing – my favourite pastime at the moment.

I bet you expected a business book called ‘Friends in Business’ – yes that was the idea a couple of years ago but it never came to anything. Like so many bright ideas it never arrived at the top of my ‘to do’ list. Typical!

So, what is different this time?

Well, partly it’s because I have been curious about what writing a book really means. I am encouraged by the fact that a children’s picture book doesn’t have that many words – that’s true, but it is more about just exploring things as they come along. It’s fun. And that is how I came to be a regular reader of the ‘Jericho Writers’ blog.

I was googling ‘how to write a children’s book’ and lots of things came up. I clicked on a few, read a bit – boring or too dense – I found quite a few of those.

Jericho writers caught my attention. Not because there aren’t many words in the blog. Far from it sometimes it does go on a bit - but you know what? More often than not I read to the end.

It is also easy to pick up information when you start from a low base – that’s me!

The funny thing is I find myself reading things that have nothing to do with my book – just with writing.

I have learned about editing – when to do it and when maybe not (not often) and that it is usually painful!

I’ve learned about the different sorts of publishing and when to consider what. Also that there are no ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ answers – it just depends. Rather like life I guess.

I have learned how children’s books are classified by publishers – helpful when I will pitch to them – eventually - yes I will, I will.

Maybe the biggest gift for me came in a recent Jericho post about crappy publishers. I had been looking at books and seeing who had published them. I had also spotted A… M…. (see the Jericho blog for the reveal https://jerichowriters.com/) and noted how they were inviting new authors to submit their work. I was planning to be first in the queue when I had actually finished the first draft. Well, I won’t now – charlatans!

Harry (pictured above) is the main man – and he is so credible and normal – not superior as you might expect a successful established author. https://jerichowriters.com/about/harry-bingham/

Sarah writes too – equally readable, interesting and informative.

Thinking about it …. It is this generosity of spirit which keeps me going back. I have yet to explore the workshops and services – I still have half a foot in the writers’ closet - but one day I will be ‘out’ completely. I’ll let you know when!

In the mean time I will carry on reading about writing with Jericho Writers .. with thanks.

Oh, the other thing I’ve learned is that I use too many exclamation marks! Can you believe it!!!!

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