• Kath Gigg

Let's have a bit of 'Quiet' please!

Yes, September has arrived so let's continue our enjoyment by reading 'Quiet' from Susan Cain. It's not yet too chilly to head off in the campervan and settle into an evening of tranquility and read some 'Quiet' which is exactly what I am planning next week.

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I am pleased to say I have already started it and whilst I think she has several chips on either shoulder - I mean what noisy child hasn't been told to sit quietly just like that good introvert sitting over there - it does raise some interesting questions.

When I answered her 'are you an introvert?' questions it appears that I probably am! I bet that surprised some of you. She makes the point that we are conditioned to pretend to be extroverts because that is what the world values.

That's a bit strong for me but after a while I did get where she was coming from. What we need is a follow up from an oppressed extrovert!

If time is pressing then why not catch one of her Ted talks and then buy, beg, borrow or steal a copy and dip into it before our next get together on Tuesday 17th September at 1930.

see you then, happy reading


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