• Kath Gigg

The Tao of Pooh (pronounced Dao!)

This book is short and we thought would be easy to read.. and it was in some ways and yet we all found we had to go back and read sections, paragraphs and sentences again and again.

There is something about simplicity which takes a bit of grasping!

For some, perhaps those who were very familiar with the Pooh books they found that the characters were easy to associate with elements of the human condition. One of our number was Italian and unfamiliar with Pooh pretty much at all. For her really reading and understanding was a challenge – but still she identified some deep learning and made personal connections in abundance.

So, what was the sense of the message we distilled?

For me it was about how ‘Knowledge’ and ‘Cleverness’ are so heavily rewarded and valued in our western culture. Wisdom and intuition are seen as a bit weird and not to be relied upon – almost looked down on by the ‘intelligent’ amongst us! The message is not that K and C aren’t important but that I and W lead to the deep peace and clarity which enable K and C to be used to best advantage.

So, is it harder for the ‘clever’ the intellectuals to find this inner peace? I have no idea but I do know that many I know and love are inclined to over complicate things and to ignore the messages of their body – their intuition – some even denying it’s existence. Actually I think I was one of those a few years ago.. it just goes to show that we can all learn and see this anew.

This is a lovely book to read which won’t take too long and, if you let it, will challenge you to recognise the beauty of simplicity and to start to access the wisdom we all have within us. But it is not woo woo – just fun!

It says it all on page 151: The wise are Children Who Know.

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