• Kath Gigg

Not just good but a GREAT book

We enjoyed an excellent discussion on this great book – no really, we all found it easy to read, insightful, thought provoking and full of stories which brought the wisdom into reality.

Even the beginning where the research methods were described had us enthralled. Normally this is the part we skim through but actually it was worth a read and was pragmatic and insightful in itself.

We all found gold nuggets in each of the chapters we discussed (we ran out of time so stopped at chapter 4). Each chapter has a very useful summary at the end so if you are short of time go there!

The characteristics of Level 5 leadership, the humility, focus and determination are such a powerful combination. Given these were such personal things we wondered how the approach to management development might need to change to reflect this.

First who… then what.. Having the confidence not to appoint someone you know to be wrong is an essential place to start. I’ve been there, not had the courage and paid the price.

Confronting the brutal facts reminded me of another BBG book ‘factfulness’ and how it is what you do with the facts that makes the difference. This chapter highlighted the different state of mind – not optimistic never losing the facts whilst seeing the reality as it is.

The book is well written, totally accessible and easy to think into you own situation – if you can challenge your own thinking with some brutal facts of course.

Our discussion about Chapters 5-9 will follow on Tuesday July 9th at 1930. I do hope you can join us. If you would like to listen to the recording of the meeting please contact me directly. kath@kmgmanagement.com

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