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Rebel Ideas coming next..

It is a no-brainer! Really it is.

Every year I watch with interest as the CMI (Chartered Management Institute) send out the shortlist for the Management Book of the Year.

Members of the book group peruse the titles and we have selected quite a few.

I always look again when they announce the winner. I didn't think twice this time, 'Rebel Ideas' will be our next book - especially as some of the Business Book Group clan wrote to say so with no prompting at all! Thank you, the message is clear.

So, this is the book for August and into September. Please, please if you are going to order through Amazon then click through on the link below - it gives the book group a teeny weeny kick back. Thank you.

..... and if, like me, you are tempted by a bundle from Mr Syed then the link on the right will deliver 4 titles. In addition to 'Rebel Ideas' it includes 'Black Box Thinking', 'Bounce - the Myth of Talent and the Power of Practice' and 'My Awesome Guide to Getting Good at Stuff'.

Quite intriguing I think you'll agree.

Whatever you choose, these long summer days are perfect for a snippet of me time on the patio with a glass of something cool and a Business Book Group book. Best order it now....

and reserve the date of Tuesday September 8th at 1930 to chat about the latest from Matthew Syed - 'Rebel Ideas'.

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