• Kath Gigg

Resilience Review

Resilience by Eric Grietens.

Without exception BBG readers found this book a bit of a challenge to get through. Many gave up well before the end.

As we started our discussion we wondered who he was writing for. It all seemed to depend on how tough a time you’d had and how hard life was. For many this was a different view of life and how it worked. Maybe it was written for people with PTSD – if so, what does the average reader take from it?

It felt like a series of intellectual essays bundled together as letters to make them a bit more attractive to the book buying public. Maybe that’s a bit harsh but the target audience remains a bit of a mystery.

Those who did persevere found it interesting to notice their reactions to reading a book that they disagreed with so fundamentally. Sometimes the sentiment was good ‘hurry and live’ from the chapter on Death but the application of it .. ‘because life is so darn hard’ was difficult to accept for many.

Some snippets were useful; e.g. resilience is not about bouncing back to where you were but recognising that events may change you and learning from them and moving on.

Some genuine interest was aroused by the Happiness chapter. The three types of happiness – pleasure, grace and excellence were worthy of further exploration.

Only one reader would recommend the book – because there are some nuggets in there even though they are very hard to find.

In summary this was not the favourite Business Book Group book – far from it. We found it rather turgid, lacking in useful structure to aid the reader in grasping the key points, a bit ‘preachy’ and even arrogant at times.

Definitely not on our Christmas list I’m afraid.

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