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Solve for happy!

Engineer your path to joy.......

This book was generally quite well received and found to be very 'readable.'

Mo's writing style is informal and relaxed with cartoon like illustrations throughout. For some this may have been irritating but for others it gave a light hearted approach which encouraged continued reading.

The structure was clear with 3 areas which built upon one another.

  1. Grand Illusions

  2. Blind Spots

  3. Ultimate Truths

and the 'engineering' approach took you through various steps in a logical manner.

Whilst many enjoyed the book we questioned if there was anything really new in it.

Probably not.

Should this book touch you at the right time in your life however, there is no doubt it could be a very helpful guide to a different approach or mindset.

Quotes that impressed:

'Real knowledge is knowing the extent of your ignorance.'

These are the 'weapons of mass distraction' ... tv, social media, almost anything actually!

Finally we were all touched by the chapter on death. It is rare to read this often taboo subject approached in a no nonsense yet empathetic way.

We were also drawn to the 'onebillionhappy' movement associated with he book.

The mission is: 'To help one billion people become happier, a movement that I ask you to join so that together we can create a small-scale global pandemic of Ali-style joy.'

It has three steps

  1. make happiness your first priority

  2. Invest in your happiness skills

  3. Tell two people who will tell two people

Interesting stuff!

This was not our usual business book and it was Mo's back ground which sold the book to us - maybe to others too. It is a book which will probably not stay on my shelf - I might even pass it on to a friend.

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