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Something to inspire and inform...coming next

By popular request we have chosen a 'feel good' book for the May/June read which we hope you will appreciate as our lives begin to open up again.

So, the next read is 'Solve for Happy: Engineer your path to joy.

Please click on the link to order directly from Amazon with the group getting a teeny reward. Thank you in advance!

Also take a moment to seek out the podcast - start with 'How to Fail' and see where it takes you!

This book might make you cringe - but it might make you see things very differently.

Certainly the author comes with very strong business credentials indeed. I find myself connecting with our last book 'Entrusted' as this man seems to have taken a more rounded approach to success - it's not just about a big job and lots of money. In fact those things matter little when faced with loss and sadness. See what you think and do let me know.

Following that in June/July we will read 'Spiritual Capital' - Wealth we can live by. Authored by Danah Zohar and Ian Marshall.

This is not a new book but is a seminal work in the field of a different approach to capital generation. There seems to be a theme at the moment!

When I read it I could see how the intention and pure argument had been taken into business in a 'tick-box' and rather corrupted way. See if you agree.

It is full of pragmatic ideas and guides for managers and coaches.

I am looking forward to sharing your views on this in a couple of months.

Once again - make me happy by clicking o the link to order - thanks!

Next meeting is Tuesday June 9th at 1930 via zoom

and after that Tuesday July 14th at 1930 also via zoom

Happy reading until then....

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