• Kath Gigg

ten instincts and many insights from 'Factfulness'.

Hans Rosling gives ten very useful instincts to look at both in thinking of the world but also everyday life.

The book is thought provoking and challenging and enormously hopeful.

The many self effacing stories lift the book and add a smile.

His explanation of the 4 levels of income on the Dollar Street is the foundation to a new understanding. He shows how most of us life with an outdated world view which he unpicks instinct by instinct.....

The Gap instinct - mind the gap!

The Negativity Instinct - recognise the level (e.g. bad) and the change (e.g. better).

The Straight Line Instinct - remember curves come in different shapes.

The Fear Instinct - calculate the risks.

The Size Instinct - recognise when a lonely number seems impressive.

The Generalization Instinct - question your categories.

The Destiny instinct - slow change is still change.

The Single Perspective Instinct - get a toolbox not a hammer.

The Blame Instinct - resist finding a scapegoat.

The Urgency Instinct - take small steps.

A book which our readers felt should be read by everyone, school children, politicians and business leaders. Thoroughly recommended.

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