• Kath Gigg

We all went Quiet!

This book definitely made us think about the polarisation of introverts and extroverts. However we found it very judgmental and felt it took far too binary a perspective.

The first chapter seemed to be about aiming all the bad feelings that had been harboured since childhood at all those evil extroverts out there! I exaggerate of course but it did seem a bit extreme.

It might be that in the US it is more extreme and the expectation of leaders as extroverts is more pronounced than here in the UK.

We all found elements of her analysis quite fascinating and made us examine ourselves and our work differently. That was very powerful and interesting. Do we pretend to be extroverts because it is expected in order to be successful? Quite possibly!

Is learning behaviour that is appropriate just common sense? Does it really change your personality? Some of the links and threads she purported took a bit of swallowing but then we felt Susan Cain would be unapologetic about taking the stand point of the introvert totally and utterly.

Overall there were lots of interesting challenges included but the stories were too long and the writing a bit too verbose to make it possible for us to say it is a 'must read'.

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