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What is the CEO next door doing then?

This is quite a dense book, almost three books in one really and packed with interesting snippets and examples.

Section 1 takes you on a journey on how to master the CEO genome behaviours.

I enjoyed the research backing of the content and found the illustrations very illuminating.

Decide: Speed over precision.

Engage for Impact: Orchestrate Stakeholders to Drive Results.

Relentless Reliability: Deliver Consistently.

Adapt Boldly: Ride the Discomfort of the Unknown.

I do wish I had some of these insights as a young and fast rising manager years ago – know yourself and know that you don’t have to be expert at everything!

Section 2 is equally meaty but I found it a bit too focused on material success to be of huge value.

No doubt I would have valued all the insights when I believed that success meant rising to the top as fast as possible accompanied by as much money and status as possible. I am sure this is as much about where I am in my life but I missed the understanding of a greater holistic purpose both in an individual’s life but also in the performance of business.

Section 3 I confess did not hold me and I failed to finish the book.

If you made it to the end then do drop me a line with your thoughts!


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